What would happen if Kodomo no jikan came out today?

What would happen if Kodomo no jikan came out today?

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Then the election tourists that make up 75% of Any Forums now would throw hissyfits in every thread.

Nothing because pedophilia is being actively encouraged by dominant entities in Western Pop-Culture.

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People would watch it.

Go back to you insufferable yuritranny

This. Remember Cuties from n*tflix?

only gay pedophilia

I wish.

Not now, but we're only years away from MAP acceptance and that's a good thing. Antis must pay.

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It's like you are throwing random words you don't even understand

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we have MiA so why not

newfriend. . .

Yes, literally jews from France. Hitler warned us.

The West would literally go crazy and the networks burst into tears.

Yes, but instead they are blaming Japanese anime for pedophilia all to divert attention.

The age of consent during Nazi Germany was 14 and Hitler had literal child rapists in his army.
Nazis didn't give a shit about pedos.

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God what happened to this place.
How did it get so infested with this rick n morty tier white knight faggotry.

It would air on AT-X maybe

The duality of man

On another note I tried to ask on an Assault Lily thread on /u/ repeatedly about why Miriam is wearing a tunic instead of a towel like everyone else during anime bath scenes (even the similarly petite Fumi) and I was pedoflagged by like one or two anons even though she's literally of the same age as the rest of the cast. I wonder why it happened that against me.

Funnily enough the TV anime did air on AT-X but like in some other UHF channels aired at the time, it was censored.

user we are talking about 8 years old kids, not adolescents

Reminder that the english translation was cancelled by seven seas in 2006, but got a legitimate digital release a few years ago. There's hope for the future.

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Puberty can start as early as 8 years old for girls.
There is no clear line between pedophilia and hebephilia like some people think.

So nothing would change, glad to clear that up

I'd love to see the mental gymnastics it would cause on retards after they're told the author is a woman.

kodomo no jikan has a sequel whose expy wins the lesbianbowl in the mangakas other series. makes you think.
last time I was on /u/ it was to post about itou hachi, I really doubt it's much different there from here where you get random anons going 'omg pedo' and you can't tell if they're being ironic or not. Also the reason Miriam is wearing a strange bathing suit in the bath is because she's weird and it's cute imo.

An 8 years old girl can look like a 14 years old one. Sure user.

>Also the reason Miriam is wearing a strange bathing suit in the bath is because she's weird and it's cute imo.
Like someone who doesn't like sticking to the norm I suppose?

>yours is bigger
That doesn't say much when the average size in Japan is so small.

14-year-old girls back then looked way younger than they do today.
The average age for menarche back then was like 15. Look it up.

This. A lot of people forget Hitler was Catholic.

I would enjoy watching it for the first time

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That anime/manga would've been so much better if it wasn't for the retarded design of the girl's hair.

The art would be more fappable and we'd get better/more porn of it.
Seriously how does Rin have so little porn?

14 is adult bro.

i think in my teen years this scene was my most fapped to material

Yeah and I heard the Nazis sliced off the heads of dogs and danced in bikinis to the song "Walk Like an Egyptian" by the Bangles (they were huge fans of JoJo, that's how they got into the song)