Made in Abyss

>Climax of the show

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Faputa’s entrance felt extremely underwhelming

rate the episode /10

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You felt underwhelming last night

>come into bondrew home
>destroy everything
>come into hollow village
>kill everyone
reminder to not let riko enter your home

Yuri in Abyss

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Draw me like one of your French girls.

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God I wish that were me

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God she's so fucking cute holy shit

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She's just honoring her mother.

It's foreshadowing for when Riko destroys the abyss.

But bun is boy, user. We keep telling you this.

ok/10 at best. No, I'm not the one that bitched over previous episodes.
I agree, that's the fault of both, director and Faputa's VA.

stop lewding the princess

>riko destroying the biggest adventure known to man
If anything, she'll make it even bigger.

more like faputa's climax


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___ with Faputa.


She’s gonna destroy everything

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Me on the left.

Easily the best episode so far

why is she trying to form the elden ring

I require a very fast spinning sosu!

Belafu's song at the end is beautiful

Reg fucked THIS?!

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so fast you dont even notice shes spinning!

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The animators here recreated the symbol of the value of the village in the position of claws, eyes and gems of Faputa and it turned out very well.

But enough about Pakkoyan

only a week until nanachi gets butt naked

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