WTF I miss when Jojo protagonists had morals

WTF I miss when Jojo protagonists had morals.

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I also miss Part 1 sometimes

Only Jojo protagonist with morals was Jonathan and that got him killed

All he had to do was let him cut

>giorno robs koichi
>jotaro was already in prison
>jolyne was a skank
>gappy is an idiot
The only good joestar was Johnathan

but he did

>A poor person robbing a rich person is "immoral"


Don’t forget josuke burned down rohans house

Robbing a child is wrong, yes
Heading a mafia empire is wrong too

It is and Giorno was definitely not poor.

>jotaro was already in prison
He was in there to protect others from his stand though.

So he claims

True. He called his mum a bitch though, so he back on the list he goes.

Wasn't the whole thing with Jotaro that despite his thug-like demeanor, he actually has a good heart?

Of course, he's a Joestar, and he's also a tryhard.

jonathan was the only moralfag and he took it to extremes but if the series continued with moralfag jojos it'd get boring quickly, joseph was a much needed breath of fresh air that contrasted with jonathan while also being a good guy

At least Josuke was actually clever with his anti-heroism. He thinks as long he cons his way into getting money, it's all fair game.

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>robbing people is immoral
It is

Desperate times call for desperate measures.

I mean the karma is about to hit him hard in the immediate next page.

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