Boruto: Naruto Next Generations

Why is this filler arc so comfy?

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Kill yourself, narutard.


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Love yourself, narubro.

Naruto and the Boruto.

I was watching Road to Ninja the other night and found the premise of it fascinating. What would Raikage and Hinata's relationship look like in that dimension?

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Nonexistent; fuck off and kill yourself

No that a new thread has been created there’s enough room to post this little comic I found

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She coulda saved him bros, it’s too bad she’s gonna die post time skip

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God I wish I had Kawaki bf...

me too user, me too

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Cute, too bad that one user is going to seethe at this

which one? KawaSumi seems pretty inoffensive to me.

That one mindbroken BoruSumifag that thinks it's all just BoruSarafags falseflagging and pairing spares.


Not to worry, the purplesisters only come out during the witching hour. They can seethe at Sumire tucking Kawaki into bed

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Ignore the OP image. Real YUMEJO HOURS are upon us.

Why's he so hot sisters?

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how will Kawaki win her back?

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