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Eiko's books grew a lot since I last saw her

Eiko's boobs grew a lot since I last saw her

Should I put the Koumei ads back up?

these idols lack in CUTEness

Megumin isn't even wearing her eyepatch and hat. What was the fucking point of this.

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>not cute
>not sexy
>not anything
What did they mean by this?

>annonce a new anime
>a year passes and no pv/trailer
>annonce a shitty spin-off with the midget arsonist
>gets a pv 2~ months after it's announcement and still no season 3 trailer

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is covering another hole

Megumincels got too strong

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Eh, at the least you will get aqua and kazuma in the background of episodes doing sketchy shit which amuses megumin to where she joins there party

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Let's post a bit of Darkness before we start with the usual Aquaposting.

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I mean...hard to deny why aqua posting is a thing

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I ain't watching that spin-off I want my season fucking 3. It's not like it going to be more than the usual 10 episodes so I don't get what's taking so long

For me it’s Yunyun

Wasn't season 3 production confirmed last year? Probably were working on megumin first then season 3.

Kek, what a friendless loser