One Piece

Where is she?

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Inside Zoro's heart

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Sanji is so lucky

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Why did she dump her boyfriend?


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Zoro x nami is canon

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Mihawk had a small cock.


Foosha Village... home...

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>Sanji is so lucky
Agreed. Can you imagine breeding Viola?

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looking for Moria

she went looking for Moria

>want to end One Piece in 3 years
>less than 100 chapters
>spent 4 years and 150 chapters on Wano

This is unfair.

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I think Smoothie and Sanji is a worthy ship.

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LuNa bros.....

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What's the joke here?

When was smoothie ever confirmed as second

Away from everyone raising her secret baby.


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>no more Wano

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One Piece is not ending in three years, its ending in five for real but Oda thinks he will be able to do it in three but it will creep to five.


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What did number 4 mean by this?

>going after smoothie

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" least it was until puta Uta fucked everything up."

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You think Lucky Roo is on Sanji's level as a cook? Like, could he figure out the entire wedding cake by smell?

la puta goblina


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he only uses his small cock for lightweights like perona. his big cock is reserved for yonko levels only

It would be like fucking Aphrodite herself

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one piece has really eccentric designs but she still feels out of place for some reason

>yosaku and Johnny are fishermen in namis village cocoyashi

Zoro nami is canon. He’ll officially be there to chill with his bros but if you read between the lines it’ll be him and nami together obviously

This is the only way oda is gonna do romance between strawhats anyways

>Can you imagine breeding Viola?
Doffy can

>Tashigi radiating peak mommy energy like Robin
Confirmed marriage in her future.

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He's so lucky that Nami is a conqueror!

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>look up source
>see reddit and click on it
>it's just filled with the same poster as these threads

When's the WG gonna Buster Call it?

>blushes at a man 5 ft smaller then doffy
Doffy must have sucked in bed

why did smoker steal hiriluk's powder from doctorine and throw it around himself?