Why is Dragon Ball the only manga where the characters look like OCs?

Why is Dragon Ball the only manga where the characters look like OCs?

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what the fuck does this even mean

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>Dragon Ball manga
>posts a video game

>Why is Dragon Ball the only manga where the characters look like original characters

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I used this because it has characters from the manga except one and that one was designed by Toriyama too

Same face syndrome.

Too many design elements are recycled among different characters, that's why.

1. Because Super.
2. The image in the OP is an image from a videogame with multiple alternate versions of the same characters.
3. Because Super, try to find any examples of this in DB or DBZ.

These threads are getting dumber by the minute.

Future Trunks is fanfic tier
>what if vegeta and bulma had a kid but he was from the future and he used a sword and he killed freeza in 1 slice!

I'm the most retarded btw.
Captcha: GAGMAN6

>what if Bejita and Bulma had a kid
No problem with that.
>from the future
That broke twelve episodes later and is mostly useless.
>oneshotted Freeza
Which is something everyone could do later in the arc, not exactly a big feat.

Your favorite character?

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You know what's funny? I was drawing blue, red, & green-haired Super Saiyajins as a middle schooler back in the day when I was a child. Seeing how DBS has the very same things shows I was ahead of my time.

You weren't ahead of your time, the series has just regressed to using literal toddler ideas.

>what if Goku had a brother but he was an alien warrior from space and he was evil and oneshotted both the heroes and villains from DB

Anyways don't bother with this thread, wait for someone to make a proper thread with the Dragon Ball Super subject.

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>Goku with long hair and a scar
>Bald Goku
>Midget Bald Goku
>Edgier Goku
>Goku son
>Goku son 2
>Edgier Goku Son
>Father Goku
>Goku buffed
>Goku but evil
>Goku and Edgier Goku fusion
>Goku son and Edgier Goku son fusion
>Green Alien
>Purple Alien
>Human with black hair
>Human with blonde hair

Toriyama is a hack

You sure about that

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>>Green Alien
>>Purple Alien
Thanks doc.

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