Ainz is literally me

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What are your thoughts on the anime glossing over Demiurge's Happy Farms and Nigredo's absence up until now (she was supposed to have saved the children during the ring of fire raid thus explaining her confinement)?

I'm a little disappointed they never went over how she's supposed to be super scary and how her build being a divination specialist got completely ignored because she was cut from the adaptation of volume 3.

Don't worry, it'll be in the movie

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I hope not. The movie is for NEIA and I will NOT accept any time to other things beside Demiurge clowning fools and Reeeeetardios.

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It is NEIA's MOVIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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It's just super weird how fast they skim over the fine, yet still very important details of Ainz's empire. Sure there's slight implications of the nefarious human cattle practices but it seems pointless to frame Ainz as anything but a villain at this point

Aura & Mare are 2cute. Also why didn't anyone tell me Nfria is a father now. Enri really drained him dry.

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>albedo call: "ainz-sama, demiurge wishes to talk with you"
>ainz: "tell him I'm busy"
>albedo: "he says he figured out your 10 thousand years plan and will execute the most inportant action this very moment"
>ainz going back to nazarick

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I hate how relatable that is

A wild Bukubukuchagama appears

That man is high on fumes

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Yeah right. Only a supreme being could be that smart. He's just trying to show off

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That man has brain damage from the fight. Cut him some slack

This is basically the anime version of that Seinfeld episode where George had an assignment where he had no clue what it was

Shame Nigredo's eyes aren't golden like in the novel. It would make Nigredo and Albedo look more like sisters.

>Demiurge figures the true plan
>that Ainz doesn't really care about conquering the world was only doing it because the npcs were into
>that Ainz basically sees himself as their surrogate dad/uncle and won't abandon them like they fear
What would be his reaction?

Tell me about the farm

The farm isn't happy at all

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Yeah I got that when he wanted to take Sebas' girl there

Ainz send undead there to farm stuff they then throw into the exchange box.

Has anyone else been reading The Eminence in Shadow?
Reminds me of Overlord quite a bit

The author completely loses the plot five volumes in.

What did Ainz mean by 'As expected'
What is he up to?
Was the trying to draw out the strongest adventurers?

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