World Trigger 225 Spoilers

It's a Katori chapter.

>No reply. It's just a corpse.

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>Osamu takes over helping out in the kitchen since Katori is dead
>Jackson still brooding

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Single or double chapter? I NEED THE CHEESE

>In the matches where Hyuse was in charge, he got them 1 win and 3 draws
>Wakamura's was 1 draw and the rest losses
>Feels like they really need to get the score higher and suggests doing Hyuse's suggestion from earlier, about the answer swapping

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>They're already in last place, so it doesn't matter if it is against the rules
>Hisato and Hanzaki bring up how there's not much time left, and by now, their answers are all over the place
>Jackson retracts his suggestion
>Internal thinking about why Hyuse suggested it so early, why he didn't realize sooner, why he can't make decisions when they matter, etc

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>Realizes how quickly Katori handled all the decision making back in their squad
>Katori still dead
>Osamu mentions that it might be a bad look for all of Katori squad if she keeps acting like this
>gets a reaction

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>Katori goes to bed
>rest of the team consider what to do next
>Osamu suggests calling her squadmates and asking for help

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>Jackson's suffering continues...

>Somei can't help
>The only way she can actually help is if she were to talk to Yoko directly, but given the rules of the test
>Suggests asking the other 2 members of her squad

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Kek, there was a comic on twitter where Osamu asks Hana where Katori's motivation switch is located

>Jackson can't offer any particular advice, since he doesn't know how to handle her like that aside from leaving her alone
>Osamu asks about Hyuse, and Jackson thanks him for the advice earlier

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>Jackson suggests that Yuta might know
>Miura says it's not really a problem when Yoko herself fails, she handles that fine
>When her team fails is when she gets really in that mood
>But Osamu says Suwa's team is doing pretty well and improving
>Maybe it's because he himself is weighing the team down and that's stressing Katori out?

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>Someone mentions Katori to Jackson
>Vietnam burger post-traumatic stress face

>Miura says that when he fails at something, she'll just get mad about it
>Rather, she gets more fired up
>It's probably best to find out what's the reason behind it
>One thing he knows for sure is that she herself doesn't want to stay in a bad mood

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>But she herself doesn't know how to get out of it herself and needs help
>Maybe give her something sweet to distract her, sometimes that works
>Ui baits with chocolate

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Where the hell did they get chocolate, did Ui brought it in as a personal item? Once a fatass, always a fatass

Don't bully Ui, she is an angel!

Best part of the chapter here

>Hey hey
>This mug is pretty cute too, right?

>After that, if we want to try raising up Katori's mood...

>If you think about that, it has to Karasuma-kun, right?

>What about Karasuma-senpai?

>Katori is one of his fangirls. To the point where she can't even hide it.
>Eh, really?!

>Mikumo-kun, you're in Tamakoma but you even know?
>At HQ, Karasuma-kun has a whole fan following and whatnot.

Can't read this part, something about a Karasuma faction in addition to Kido and Shinoda faction.

>Mikumo,'re Kyosuke's pupil, right?
>You think you can promise her a date or something like that?
>And then ask Kyosuke for help later?
>Ah, well, I guess I can try and see what happens

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>Katori got up!
>For real for real?
>Absolutely, absolutely, absolutely for real?

>He said "yeah"!
>You definitely said "yeah"!
>You heard it too right!? You definitely heard it, right!?
>Yeah, I heard it.

>Monitor Room
>Your pupil just sold you out.
>If it's for the sake of their away mission, I guess...

>Stop lazing about everyone!
>Time to think of some countermeasures!
>Motivation switch, on!!!

Chapter end.

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Osamu x Katori bros, did we lose?

So we've learned that when Katori is really depressed just promise her some dick and she perks right up

Now I really want the next chapter to be A-rank commentary on Osamu's pimping skills

We did. It's over.