How do normal humans traverse strata in blame? The manga seems to imply that humans often have knowledge of the neighboring strata, but isn't each strata seperated from each other by a nearly unbreakable megastructure?

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I bet it smells like a dank basement or the underside of a bridge in there

the city was originally much smaller, the machines just went haywire and kept building ad infinitum. Humans migrated out from the center of the megastructure and speciated somewhat

that sort of knowledge probably got lost when the megastructure went nuts, unless you have the ntg

Like mold in a damp place

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I mean the not child in chapter 4 tells killy that there is only a village about 40 strata up, and Killy doesn't find it weird that a human knows this. Unless killy doesn't hate all synthetic life and would accept advice from one for some reason.

Like most people in the world they don't. They are born, live, and die in the same place.

normal humans? where do you think we are?

Pretty sure they don't. We see the Electrofishers, that one city-esque place where Killy starts blasting the giants, and what else in terms of human settlements? The Toha Heavy Industries plant sure as hell isn't inhabited much.

only certain strata are sealed from each other, like the one above bioelectric
most of the people in the manga are pretty sedentary, information probably travels through more powerful entities like Killy that visit them

Really? When is this shown?

the vast majority wouldnt and your probably underestimating the size of some strata

Killy mentions moving between strata a few times
most characters understand that the city is layered so it's safe to assume they're not all cut off from each other

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Where the fuck did they get all the shit to build a structure at least the size of the solar system? Is there enough materials/matter for that in our galaxy?

they have God machines that produce and harvest material infinitely from space and planets

They extract matter from parallel universes. Think the Combine from Half Life

The strata between human settlements are either crumbling, intraversable wasteland or has builder constantly building barriers so most human probably don't interact with other societies. Cibo's Tall People City are the exception since they mastered vehicles capable of flight and are shaped like blocks to better maneuver through strata. However they keeps calling Killy a kid upon meeting him because of his short height so it is possible they too have not seen other types of humans for a long time.

a lot of blame! technology is basically magic, between the builders able to produce matter out of thin air, killy's handgun sized GBE able to generate nuclear fusion levels of energy, the level 9 safeguard able to casually teleport a chunk of the sun, the entire megastructure being as big and massive as it is yet not collapsing on itself

Who knows, The whole mega structure is too complicated for me.

wasn't there a crossover manga where killy and cibo showed up with a bunch of other characters carrying their original art styles?

Why did Nihei have to be such a shit writer bros? Imagine the kino if he actually knew how storytelling and endings worked

The storytelling and ending in Blame are fine, good even

They don't transverse it, basically ever
They find left iver bits of knowledge from builders, use sensors, scientific theory etc. To figure things out

Fuck off smoothbrain

Blame and his similar works were literally flukes made possible by how cryptic the plots were, like how Keanu Reeves is a good actor when his character doesn't have a personality. His later works like Sidonia and Aposimz were awful.