Cyberpunk: Edgerunners

it's gonna be awful isn't it

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trigger is enough to make it awful.

All the trailers look great so far. Its not gonna be having some mindblowing script or characters but ive been starving for a good cyberpunk anime.

We will see in due time

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i'm not a projekt red fan OR a trigger fan
i just want good new sci-fi
cyberpunk is a kind of sci-fi
please don't suck too bad

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Cyberpunk 2077 without bugs has no value.

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That new trailer is what I wish GitS:SAC_2045 was.

The anime should contain bug reference's
If you pause at 0:42 you can see the guy cumming inside that joytoy he's fucking.

They must add the no pants bug

Looks like he fucking on his own face

i really don't like the beethoven in that, wow

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Supposed to be earrape. Should be more so.

it will be edgy
final boss will be aliens because trigger
inclusive faggotry because netfucks

>it's supposed to be bad
idk i'd rather electronic noise than classical if they were going for that

Trigger is good, no matter what you contrarian fags say.
and Cyberpunk is a great genre.

Edgerunner is a term from the original PnP RPG. Someone who lives on,order to oppose the megacorporations.

Well, people lost their taste for tge genre after it became reality.

>inclusive faggotry
Nigga its a cyberpunk story set in america. Why would it be an all white utopia?

i liked kill la kill till the ending
now idk how to feel about trigger anymore
at least the animation's flashy

It’s Trigger so it’s gonna be fine and Netflix also put out picrel kino.
So I’ll give it the benefit of the doubt.

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a good anime netflix original? i haven't been around in a while should i watch it

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