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What was his fucking problem?

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He was very, very racist.

Look at this bunny

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He was stronger than Queen, but no one believed him other than the Marines.

The bunny ? Yeah she's in the crate.

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Sanji is so lucky...

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Oda's inconsistent writing.
This guy spotted Luffy multiple times running around in Wano but never seethed even though he holds a grudge against anyone who is connected to Shanks by a lil margin.

Post Cute and Canon

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Nothing. Everyone has a person or two they want dead, user. For example, I wish the next 5 posters, after this post, have a great day.

reminder that Carrot's adventure ended in WCI. she's been nonexistent character during Wano and all she did was lose to Perospero.
it's over, she's not joining. accept the reality

you have full right to be mad at Oda not giving her proper farwell, but you should finally end your delusion

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You can delete ONE plot point. What would it be?

Oda decided to write a minor character into a bigger role that he didn't deserve or develop into and he ended up being a lore dump wet fart of a character who got offscreened for 90% of the time he was relevant

Like many things Oda clearly made that shit up last second, same as him going from wanting to kill Queen to being his little bitchboi.

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he believed everything posted on Any Forums

Oda needs to quickly set up and pay off an unnecessary retcon



Waste of time since she didn't join

Uta is the final nakama

Is that his reaction or how other people will react?

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If losing a fight was all it took to disqualify someone from being a Strawhat the crew would be much smaller than it is right now.

carrotfags... this is just sad

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Redon’s hints never mean shit

Nothing, it's not his fault that figgers are getting uppity

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Human-Human Fruit Model Nika. Just make it the normal ass gomu and say Nika had it, goddamn. We don’t need it to be a god fruit, his awakening isn’t that out there.

Okay. Now what?

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Big Mom coming to Wano

Now love this bunny for the rest of your life

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most relatable character in the entire arc of Wano