Isekai Meikyuu

Time for a full length sex episode

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Alright, let's do this dungeon crawlers.

>stops having sex to go in a dungeon
Is he gay?

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Reminds me of Catherine

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>no vesta for another two seasons
I sleep

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>not actually harem at all
>all sex scenes arr the same

Ok, that was pretty funny

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Time to buy a new hoe

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Living that harvest moon life

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Alright, the dog got all dirty digging in the field and needs a bath.

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eat semen

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Nice jazzy soundtrack.

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I wish there was more time for things like that.

You Defeated

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But he's plowing her alright

its good to keep the work ethic up.

>I need the biggest dog bath you have
>No, that's too big

How did they get it inside?

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So is this a good ecchi series or just glorified softcore smut without showing ponos in vagoo?

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funny how you could fit this season into one episode

Spent 3 hours casting water and fire to fill and heat the bath, but it was worth it.

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It barely fits through the doors, but he could always use that ability of his too.


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He should be spending more time looking for a less magic based solution to filling the bath.

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