Is watching anime upscaled bad?

Is upscaling anime or using denoising filters against the artistic intent of the creators, or is the result a better way to enjoy the medium?
More pics for reference below, if you can provide more examples, please do.
This one is a screenshot made while the Anime4K script for MPV was in use.

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There's bilinear upscaling to fill your screen and then there's this shit. OP this looks fucking terrible. Go back to Any Forums.

No difference.

literally no difference to human eyes

are you guys blind?

literally can't tell the difference

Time to wash your glasses, gramps
It can take away depth and make things looks flat, but I honestly don't mind it

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Might be weird, but I think that a bit of blur helps blend things together

>Is upscaling anime or using denoising filters against the artistic intent of the creators
Yes, anime was meant to be streamed on shady websites at 480p with digital artifacts the size of the characters. Don't listen to anyone trying to remove the sofl from the medium.

Just watch in the way you find as more entertaining. No need to overthink stuff like that.

Also, those comparisons (original - filters) you have posted look the same to my eyes. Sure, you would find differences after zooming in or something, but while watching the actual show? I don't think so.

more than 480p is a waste of bandwidth

Autism of the same vein as the morons making shitty 60 fps versions of openings. Stop pushing your retardation here and go get a hobby that isn't taking other people's works and actively making them worse.

That's not weird, that's how human vision works. The fact that all "psychometrics" except PSNR value sharpness instead is a fucking travesty.

Upscaling makes no difference half the time unless you pause a frame and creep up to the tv and play spot the difference with the individual pixels.

Interpolation ruins the animation itself into a distended blobby mess.

It’s pretty much the difference between a sore toe and syphillis

Okay dude get your eyes checked these madvr/glsl vaseline filters look bad in motion too

O_O *looks really close on his phone*
looks the same xD can you do that with crunchyroll too?