Well, which is it, Any Forums?

Well, which is it, Any Forums?

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> top right
the absolute state of """official""" translations

This is my dad's younger brother's Nao-chan

Crossdresses aren't real, they're just trans women.

Should have highlighted all the boxes.

Wait that's the official translation? That's literally not what the Japanese says

Lower left and lower right. That's his dad's younger brother.

Skip and Loafer. Released by Seven Seas Entertainment. They have a contact page. This shit should be called out

Japanese question from someone whose just started learning here
why is the の particle used in 弟のナオちゃん
I'd read that as "My dad's younger brother's Nao-chan"
is that not a possessive?

Politics > correct translation

Didn't seven seas JUST have some controversy about another crossdressing related series? Litterally changed lines from the original to make it about a trans character instead of a crossdresser

の can replace が in certain situations

How are they going to deal with it later in the manga, when he talks explicitely about crossdressing?

I will now do my reps

What volume is that? The "officials" are already up to volume 5. Should be a good laugh, seeing what they come up with

>amerimutt trannylations

Language quirk.

A more literal translation would be "The Nao-chan who is my father's younger brother"

の is also used for appositives.

To be fair this is pretty gay either way.

It depends on if you are doing a translation or a TRANSlation

Just don't buy from Seven Seas. You already saw what they did to Boku no Kokoro no Yabai Yatsu, Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou and Mushoku Tensei.
What do they have to do for you to stop buying from them? Anally rape your mother while pouring sugar in your gas tank?