Best VPN for anime torrents?

Currently pay $2 a month using Windscribe Pro but they are now upping their rates to $3 a month. What's a better vpn I can use?

Ideally one with port forwarding and unlimited devices/unlimited bandwidth like i have got already with them.

Tried mullvad but they're really bad for torrenting.

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I don't know, I've never needed a VPN because I don't live in a backwards shithole.

Just leave the USA and go to a less pozzed country

Does japan even care if some american downloads their anime for free?

where the fuck isn't a shithole?

Even the nordies seem fucked

Stop watching so many ads on youtube, you don't need vpns for anything if you're not retarded.

im a eurofag but everywhere is fucked either way

My mobile ISP called me out on the porn I used years ago to the EXACT PAGE when I complained about some payment shit that came from there. They fixed it but damn it was so fucked up shit.

So no more of that

>paying to pirate

I always wondered this too.
Goes for any country outside of East Asia really.
Why the fuck would Japs spend that much money to track and sue one guy in Europe downloading some manga or anime?
Doesn't make much sense.

I'm an eurofag too but piracy is legal here.

Seen that before. It's out of date and compares wrong tiers etc. From the privacy tools subreddit right?

Rates highly vpns that were actually breached and didn't tell anyone etc.

thanks king this looks like what I need

it might not make sense but look at nintendo and how they go after EVERY fan made thing or vid on youtube. Might just be part of licencing in general that they gotta protect the brand or some shit

Move to Russia. Even our government officially approves pirating.

It's not Japan that goes after your ass, it's whoever bought the rights to distribute the content in your country that wants to

I would rather not live in a place trying to corner itself from the rest of the world

What if there is no one with the rights to distribute in my country

Ignore them or if you live in the US read this


pretty sure their internet is getting like chinas too rn

Why would you need a vpn to download anime?

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Nintendo is practically the only japanese company that does it though.

NTA but how would you even check that?
Copyright trolls exist here in Krautland as well.
All you have to do is get a lawyer to write a statement and send it to them. They will quickly pussy out.