Boku no Hero Academia

Would you mind another family drama in this manga?

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No because I'm not reading it.

at this point I'm gonna be fucking disappointed if hori ends the manga and there's been ZERO mention of deku's dad still.

Why do fags want this bland shonen protag have special lineage and strong ties? Is it self inserters?

10th place.

It wouldn't be family drama because Deku just punches his problems away unlike all the other faggots in this manga.

what chapter was this from ?
I dont remember reading this.

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Deku is just that bland. That boring. And people always want the dad to be the bad guy, just look at Naruto or Fullmetal Alchemist.

11 pages. MHA is finished.

What chapter was ranked

Edgeshot surgery chapter, let’s go


medical dramas >>>>>>>> family dramas

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But the TOC correlates to the week MHA was on break

There was no chapter ranked

Bafags are mentally ill. Hori could draw him squatting over to take a dump and they’d all blow Twitter up with how deep and meaningful it was, and draw fanart of him mid-clench.

true, i wonder who's gonna desecrate bacute's sexy corpse next

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I doubt it will happen but I welcome it. luv me evil dad twists simple as.

Why is this page so hilarious? To me this is the worst page of the manga.

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To be fair literally anything is better than more Tododrama

imo it's hard to pick the worst one, VH had so many of them, it could fill top 10 on its own

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probably the destroyed buildings while deku promises to save shiggy for me lol