Crime & Punishment

So much rape going on in this manga

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This was a perfect manga to read for a retard like me who was never able to finish the original novel it's based on. I remember liking it a lot, but for some reason I've never seen people discussing it.

Im willing to bet this has nothing to do with Dostoievski's novel.

Echika is Sonya

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Actually it's a decent modern retelling

It certainly borrows some elements and plot points, but does it in ways that you would expect from a japanese manga. So it's like a alternate version of it. Absolutely worth reading imo.

Sounds about right

Echika a cute

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>pawnbroker is a waifu
ffs japan. Does raskolnikov still kill her and her daughter like in the original or nah?

>Any Forums embraces Dostoevsky while /lit/ shits on him because muh too right winged and religious.
Weird timeline

>board discussing reading takes the critical and smart choice while board discussing pretty pictures and soft porn takes the easy braindead choice
not that weird.

Raskolnikov never rapes anyone in the original novel all he does is murder the old woman and her sister.

I'd suggest giving it another try, definitely the easiest of Dostoyevsky's novels to read for newcomers. I feel like a lot of people pick Notes from Underground due to how short it is but the first part is a bit dense for first timers but Crime and Punishment is perfect.

The original novel is pretty based, so of course a japanese spin would turn it up to eleven.

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yea. Any Forums is usually a very left wing board.

lemme guess, it takes out the religious themes of the original work?

>I'd suggest giving it another try
I probably will someday. I actually have read some of Dostoevski's short stories and liked them a lot, it's just that the initial part of C&P was so engaiging that the rest of it felt a bit boring in comparison and I just kind of dropped it somewhere in the middle.

/lit/ doesn't shit on Dosto

>Does raskolnikov still kill her and her daughter like in the original or nah?
Does this man look like a pussy to you?

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based. Honestly might read it just because I'm curious to see how they adapted raskol conversation with the detective and the scene where dunia almost shoots that one dude (can you blame me for not remembering character names from a russian novel?)

Karamazov brothers manga when?

Basically virgins are gangraped and manipulated to feel they are defiled so they get into prostitution