Is it too late?

Can I escape this?

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No, you will be a cute girl for the rest of your life, and there is nothing you can do about that.
Now, bend over and get raped.

No, they do not have the required skills to feminize someone. Some are middle-schoolers.

No, you will proceed and have vaginal sex with all these girls and anal sex with Iori.

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Escape what? Im@s 2011 was an amazing show, but everything that came after has been worse and worse, and the franchise's current state is abysmal.

I don't want to fuck Iori she reminds me of my sis and that's not a good thing.

>he wouldn't fuck his sister

I know very little about the franchise, I know it exists because of the ton of fanarts made around but that's about it.

Doesn't help that I wasn't watching animes back when Im@s was big.

would you fuck your sister user, would proceed to sodomised her
of course you would, am I wrong?

Makoto's easier to disable than you think, just call her a cute girl and she'll get flustered enough not to be able to use her kung fu.
The twins are unstoppable in CQC, however. Run while you still can.

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Then don't start it now. No reason to go through the disappointment of a franchise reflecting the state of anime industry between last decade and today

Not that guy and I don't even have a sister, but if she looked like Iori...

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Of course I would.

So the twins are the most dangerous? I can outrun them then. Haruka isn't capable of running so that's one more taken out of the equation. Miki is too lazy to do so...

Is the Hamster Girl dangerous? She have a gator and she talks to animals, is that some mystic shit or is she just into bestiality?

I'm more into Azusa desu

Lucky guy

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fuck, now you mfs know I don't post here often

One does fuck a girl that talks to her plush, not only because it's probably illegal but because she's probably dangerous

A harmless little lizard. Loves sunbathing, wouldn't hurt a fly.

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that's actually kinda cute ngl