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Is Otsuka cursed? Both of the non-Re:Zero anime he did character designs for haven't been received well. You could also count Conception, though he only did the LN designs for that and not the anime's.

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I forgot that Conception was a game and not a novel, though the point still stands since he was still the designer for that.

The designs doesnt really fit the theme of either story.


Would you sniff and smell Arsnotoria even if she hasn't bathed in days?

Oh shut the fuck up about salesfaggotry already.

In a story where people are routinely fighting or dying, you dont want characters with baby faces.

I thought Granbelm had okay-ish reception

Re:Zero is one of the biggest pieces of trash I have ever wasted my time with, his designs cause me instant distrust.

Granbelm was his peak design

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Granbelm was very good, just not popular.

Warlords of Sigrdrifa by the same author was slightly better I admit.

Story was average. Characters were actually okay but nothing dynamic for protagonists. Not very memorable. Frankly I dont understand how it even got an anime

>Characters were actually okay but nothing dynamic for protagonists.
One of the weakest parts of the show is how we don't even see much interactions between different characters even within the main quartet, plus I hate the fact that Claudia was overshadowed as a protagonist while the other main girls (especially Miyako) get relatively disproportionate amount of screentime and presence compared to her.

It really felt like the series couldve been expanded to an entire franchise but it kinda flopped in most areas. The beach episode was pretty funny tho

That's what people call "one trick pony"

>The beach episode was pretty funny tho
It was alright but it could've been released as an BD extra. Tappei alongside setting researcher Takaaki Suzuki seem to be drunk while writing it.

Miyako actually felt like the actual protagonist even though it was supposed to be Claudia.

That's more because of the authors' bias. While Claudia did get some spotlight in the second volume of the prequel LN I have yet to read, I hated the fact that the writers mistreat her by not giving her much presence to the story for the entire run. A proper protagonist shouldn't be given the screentime equivalent of a side character.

I was talking more about the anime, I never read the novels so I can't say how different they were.

Of course I was talking about the anime but I'll never not be pissed over the fact that Claudia get the screentime and plot importance equivalent of a side character which is not something an actual protagonist should be treated. Her theme of trying to blend herself into society was very poorly done and there's way too much bias centered around the other three main girls even though they all should be treated the same in presence level.

Why do you think did she get so little screentime in her own show?

As a said before, for an actual protagonist, her screentime and presence is barely above a side character and is completely overshadowed by the other 3 main characters.
The reasons behind it why is because theorically her role to the plot mattered a lot more than them (except for maybe Sonoka) and one of the series' main themes is about her blending herself into society and actually getting along with others after years of loneliness which could have been executed well but the creators sadly didn't.

Another thing I forgot to add is that the whole Odin's plot actually involved Claudia and her relationship with him, which again require a lot more thought by actually having Claudia be given more presence into the story's run than what she got.

Subs soon right?