Monster Musume no Iru Nichijou 78

New raw chapter is out, check it out.

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Some of this arc has not been what I expected to see, even though it started as one I thought would be better. I also don't know what's going on with decisions of who gets nipples and who doesn't, since it feels mostly random here.

So, preg episode when?

Have we escaped Horse Namek?

Ch 78?
EN tl only have ch 76......

Now we're on high school namek

>implying we'll ever get a happy ending
Ignoring such a naive post, post your favourite monster girls and their bio.
>Salamanders are a group of lizard-like liminals who are known to allegedly live near volcanoes, can spew flames, excrete a type of poison to defend against predators, and are completely immune to fire and high temperatures.

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It's not that long yet. It could have spent multiple chapters undressing everyone.

School namek is birb namek in disguise

>It could have spent multiple chapters undressing everyone.
God, I wish so.

I do too. It would have been better than spending so much time on multiple other characters who aren't relevant for more than a chapter or two.

I don't know about you guys, but I am really liking this girl's design.

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Goddamn i don't give a fuck about these literal whos anymore.
Can we get back to the main cast soon?

However, let me get this outta my system

>raws for Chapter 78
Wait a fuckin minute. Did we even have a thread for chapter 77???
It's been out for a while, but I don't recall seeing any threads for it.

The tl-anons for this manga have gotten fucking lazy and it's fuckin sad to see...

If there was only one or two being relevant the entire arc in addition to the main cast it wouldn't be that bad.

I agree, but I would like to know what type of monster she is.
A internet virus monster girl, who likes to send malicious email ?
>Did we even have a thread for chapter 77???
Yes and it lasted for two whole posts.

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>no dump
Of course its dead

I feel the school arc is already one of the better arcs for simply having both the main cast and MON relevant again. The cow arc was bad because it didn't involve anyone from the main cast, and it ended in yuri-out-of-nowhere ending. You could tell Crab had clearly written himself into a corner there (most likely because 12 Beast was taking away all his time from developing Monmusu properly). School arc is definitely the opposite of the cow arc since the monster girls are varied and most of them have male boyfriends/crushes to hang out with. I feel it's been good so far.

Imagine the papercuts.

>TFW missed out on a Rachnera cosplay, Horny Miia, Centorea bondage, and double Kobold girls chapter because nu-Any Forums couldn't be bothered to bump the thread
I will kill you all.

>most of them have male boyfriends/crushes to hang out with
I wonder how many of those relationships were already existing and how many got forced together when they got stuck in there. I think it's not been too consistent with the undressing restoring memories either, or there would be more people around that knew what happened.

where did it all go wrong bros