How do we bring back this aesthetic?

How do we bring back this aesthetic?

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>How do we bring back this aesthetic?

We don't, that looks very ugly.

Hopefully we don't because it was ugly as fuck

it will come back eventually, like fashion

Pay for anime

When's the last time you went outside or interacted with a real person in real life

About 2 hours ago

Make Japan an emerging industrial superpower again like it was before Reagan accidentally the japanese economy. That’s literally the only way you can get the SOVL back into Anime.

Absolute garbage taste.

We start a petition.

>Make Japan an emerging industrial superpower again
And how we do that?

What's with normalfags desperately trying to make themselves look good here of all places
>unlike you chuds i actually go outside haha aren't i special

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Two more nukes.

Easy. We nuke China.

teetering to the point where they couldve just made it live-action

I hope never. The sequels to Megazone 23 look ugly.

The first Megazone 23 looks the best.
Pic related > your shit.

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> pointing how fucked in the head you have to be to think that artstyle looks ugly is trying to look special
seek help

The more realistically proportioned anime looks, the worse it generally looks.

I'd take a million anime that look like pic related over the OP any day.

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Being cell back. And that three tone shading or whatever that was called.

The radical change in artstyle is the reason I couldn't watch Megazone 23 part 2, the first is GOAT

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