WSJ ToC #40

Oniyomeden (Cover and LCP)
Jujutsu Kaisen
Akane Banashi
Highschool Family (CP)
Me and Roboco
Black Clover
Blue Box (CP)
Mission: Yozakura Family
The Elusive Samurai
My Hero Academia
Super Smartphone
Aliens Area
Earthchild (End)

Issue 42
Cover and LCP: Ginga to Ryuuna
Oniyomeden (chapter 2, 25 pages)
Akane Banashi (new developments)
Mission: Yozakura Family (Sibling Search Arc) (curious that they aren't giving anniversary as reason)

My Hero Academia on break next issue

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Joey Tribbiani was right. We are indeed eating good.

We are indeed

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It happened. Yay.

>Earthchild (End)


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Imagine typing all that out what ultimately was doomed to get axed

>Ginka to Ryuna by Shinpei Watanabe is defined as a series of 'two innocent characters spinning around a magical nomadic fantasy world'.

Red Hood's spiritual successor

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how has black clover survived for almost 400 issues? I thought it was trash???

Did the fujo cashcow """""dying""""" really put MHA there? Or was it some other chapter?

Sorry you wrote all that and your thread died, but it's kinda pathetic to bring up a thread with only two replies.

>BnHA below Mashle

apparently, MHA was on break for that issue so it won't rank on Any Forums chart this week.

It has been 3 chapters phone and alines at the bottom. I guess the recovery period is already closed

did anyone really believe shitugo was dead for good?

Nice to see we're getting fantasy again, hopefully no village namek or training exams

I don't care. I'm just happy that trainwreck is finally dead.

Wait what what's going on here, am I retarded or is that the tranny from shugomaru

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Taguchi is gone

>Earthchild (End)
Finally, I was afraid it was somehow going to stick around.

kek yes, fans are furious that bakugo jobbed

>is that the tranny from shugomaru
That's "One Piece in Love", Shugomaru's previous series that technically wasn't over nor cancelled.

Sounds fun
the description that is, I hope it's not much like red hood.

I just want to see Shinkai's comment

So is Alines getting axed before Smartphone?

Ah I see

>Why did you kill me, Shonen Jump Audience?

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Aww man that'll be good

I'm worried for Aliens.

Thank God for that

Both will die at the same time is what I'm guessing. Smartphone's preorders looks horrible, no way it survives

>Earthchild is axed
Just as expected
>Stupidphone is in the bottom spots
Just as expected
>My Hero Academia is in 10th
Happy birthday to me

>I-I don't care

Probably both get axed next round.

You're funny

I think its over for Alines. The early chapters were bad and Japan doesn't give a shit about scifi unless it involves mecha or kaiju.

>Japan doesn't give a shit about scifi
This meme again. Just because Kishimoto is a hack writer doesn't mean that the reason S8 failed is because nip doesn't like scifi