>game is shutting down after six years
And another one bites the dust. Is the franchise really dead now?

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Well Apocrypha finished, so there's not really anything left unless they do another season.

A perfect NoWaYu adaptation could have saved it. Regardless, it's time for the yuushas to get their rest.

I will miss the Shikoku shills.

Only Nowayu adaptation can save this franchise.

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Is an adaptation even possible?

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The VAs want it at least.

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6 years sounds like a good lifespan for a game.


New world exploration never

It was plausible back then, but then S3 aired and made the chances really slim.

I hate Dai Mankai no Shou so much.

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>then S3 aired and made the chances really slim.
Explain, I never got into this franchise

Revue is next

S3 speedran the NoWaYu story in like 3 or 4 episodes

I want to marry Chikage.

They didn't really know what to do with the main story after s1, s2 new stuff was half a season and s3 had no ideas left

Good night, Yuushas.

And that story would have fit into 20-22 episodes too.

They left Shinju experiments and post-wall exploration as ideas. S3 was a result of S2 decisions.

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