Anime characters that should be dead thread, go:

Anime characters that should be dead thread, go:

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All anime characters are dead
They have never lived

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You have to live to die.

He actually did die in the manga. Which makes the fact that he survived in the anime even more bizzare.

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>why did Pegasus survive
Capitalism. Konami realized there was more money to be made in keeping him alive, as they could sell more Toon cards.

After the DIO fight

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Wait, this nigga survived? I don’t remember, it’s been such a while.

Unfortunately, this.

It was a giant flash grenade, Crocodile was just pranking everyone.

>not posting picrel

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>Uses reject dial three times and gets electrocuted

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he's a cool guy so I'm ok with him surviving, it's not like his death was particularly important

I get that he wasn't the main character anymore in part 3 but araki really did his character dirty, especially AFTER part 3

Both of these motherfuckers

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Wow the anime fucking botched his design

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Glad he stuck around

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Apis' father also received Enel's full power iirc. Dude should've died there.

This guy's sacrifice was so cool and emotional, but no Oda had to ruin it

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fandom is cancer

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Anime characters who are dead have a halo above their head and obviously only a minority does have that.

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