Taking a bath right before going to sleep

>taking a bath right before going to sleep

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why not?

Why the fuck not?

The hot water relaxes you and makes you drowsy, therefore making it easier for you to fall asleep

>was never so exhausted/depressed to take a shower and immediately crash
You're blessed OP.

>sleeping in a dirty bed
What's wrong with you?

So your futon would smell like the sun and not like your unwashed arse.

This. It's also refreshing and makes it feel good to sleep

Lots of people in Japan and Europe shower in the evening instead of the morning.

but why? you sweat in your sleep. i could understand showering in both the morning/evening but why would someone skip mornings? disgusting

Americans don't shower in the evening? What's the logic there?

They don’t sweat

I feel you. It's harder for me to sleep if I take a bath at night since it makes my body kinda smooth and I'm too annoyed to sleep.

Why is she sad anons

shower before going to work/school so you're not stinky in front of your colleagues/coworkers
at home you're not as professional around your family

Because I sleep while hugging my dakimakura and I don't want to dirty it.

She's more apathetic than sad.

There are no happy people in Japan since 1990.

Your bed is your connection to God
It is your temple where you are expected to spend 1/3 of your life in a sacred commune with his choir

He who does not respect his bed does not respect his dreams.
And thereby committing a sin

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Only superficial people shower in the morning.

Don't bring the filth of outside into your bed. Not everyone sweats in their sleep. And even if they did, showering before bed means you've washed a lot of bacteria, built up oils, and dirt off your skin, so the sweat won't smell as bad, and again, won't make your bed filthy

My hair is really long and I would wake up with more knots in it than a than a furry convention if I went to bed with hair that hadn't spent like 4 hours drying.
Even with a hair dryer that shit takes forever.

I sweat less in my sleep than while moving around in the day.
In the morning I just wash my armpits and face in the sink.

Skill issue.

I don't understand the idea that you get sweatier/dirtier/smellier sleeping than after a long day's work. You clean yourself before going to bed, don't carry that with you over night. Maybe Americans feel disgusting getting out of bed in the morning simply because they lie in their own accumulated filth for eight hours, instead of practicing proper hygiene beforehand and that's all there is to it.

Then cut your hair faggot. OP's hair is not overly long

They sleep with their shoes on, dude.

I have long hair too and fuck off.
I would go outside with a rats nest on my head without a care in the world.

Men must act like men
Only fags care about fickle shit

(I have long hair so I can donate it to cancer people. I go bald whenever the time comes

Nah man I have been slowly turning myself into Big Boss for the past 7 years.
I can't lose my ponytail now

ITT: femanons are shocked that men don't bathe before bed

Hey, most people I know in 'Murrica shower before bed, especially if they do anything labor intensive or dirty. The only excuse is if you just hung around the house all day and didn't sweat or get dirty, but that's just if you're being lazy

Unless I'm the weird one I don't think it's American thing. I've tried both washing in the morning and at night and I just feel too gross if I sleep without washing up.

What I don't understand is why they insist on wasting water on a bath every day instead of just taking a shower like a normal person.

Jesus himself ensured that his disciples have clean feet.
Before he get arrested, he allowed a woman to clean him and pour a jar of perfume on him (worth a year of labor). Because "She was preparing me for my death"

He who dwells in filth dwells in sin

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>He who dwells in filth dwells in sin
What's your opinion on public hair?

It's the shit in the summer, but in any other season it's excessive.

Just like any other hair
It exists for a reason but grooming has a purpose as well

...Shut the fuck up.

It helps me sleep

To this day I still refuse to believe that's actually a real thing. What possible fucking logic could there be for someone to sleep with their shoes on?>Not having a nice warm shower on a cold winter night before sleeping in a comfy bed

> Has never slept with shoes on
Fucking hell, you're missing out.

They take a shower AND a bath.

>not sleeping with shoes on
enjoy your back problems