Dragon Ball Super

Now that the Granolah arc is finally over how would you rate it? How do you think it stacks up to other arcs?

3/10 for me, I'd say it's even more boring than Moro. It had a great start but shat the bed at some point. The titular character even becomes irrelevant and forgotten about in his own arc.

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FUNNYmation. FUNNYmation.

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Reminder that Cell is still the best villain.

Also Granolah was boring as fuck and them shoehorning Bardock into it was even more retarded.

Why is he not named after a vegetable...

The only good part of the arc.

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Because they're an enemy of the Saiyans/Vegetables, Cereals/Grains.

>English Dub rips of Superhero are finally out
>It's by the worst group imaginable with their janky cuts and bullshit advertisement
Not even Shitmation deserves such a thing

It's so bad that I'm not going to even rate it.
>shoehorning Bardock into it was even more retarded
...and Frieza.

Pretty mediocre but saved by Freeza's several pages of being amazing. I'd give it a 7/10 just with Freeza bringing up the score from a 4/10. However I'll note a massive part of why the Granolah Saga was boring was due to the absolutely awful scheduling, having to wait a month just for more of the same shit was ridiculously bad.

When the anime returns and adapts this saga I feel it will be much better. It will take less than a year (rather than the 2+ years the manga took) and the constant fighting being animated will make it far more exciting and interesting for viewers. Even so that does not save pretty mediocre writing throughout the entire story, which holds it back from being a truly good saga.

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The ideas conveyed in Dragon Ball, Dragonball Z and Dragon Ball Super are those of Buddhism.

To believe in one self, to strengthen ones body and mind, to not worship gods (especially not the genocidal ones), to never turn a blind eye to evil (Gohan's arc) and so on.

Or how Toriyama has borrowed elements from many religion, like introducing Zeno also known as the Scientologist's Xenu, to make a complete mockery out of him. Or like how Zamasu's angels and halo show the author's rejection and resistance against the rise of Christianity in Japan (all religions for that matter, but it was clearly Christianity in this case).

Or like how Zamasu had his name from Shamash, the Babylonian sun god, as in, he thought that he was the light and was blinded by himself in the end (a tale of conceit, similar to another Buddhist story).

Or how the Buddha rejected gods and how this reflects in Toriyama's work in which the protagonists are literally training to defeat/surpass the gods.

You don't know how deep Dragon Ball is, because you have no knowledge of Buddhism, other ancient far Eastern and ancient near Eastern religions, mythologies and philosophies.

Dragon Ball teaches the viewer that they should better themselves and it gives Goku and Gohan as examples on how to achieve that.
By training the mind (studying) and the body (martial arts).
Which also reflects the real story of Bodhidarma, the Indian monk who brought martial arts to China.

I can go on for hours and still do it no justice.
THAT's how good Dragon ball is and why it's better than HxH.
If Dragon Ball is a master then HxH is your classmate in philosophy class.

They are not on the same level.

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Frieza at least makes some sense considering he was once Emperor and dealt with the Saiyans and is alive. Bardock's is entirely shoehorned and has no place considering how pathetic he was, while also robbing us of other newer Saiyans that could have been introduced instead.

But ultimately agreed, both didn't need to be involved at all.

>to never turn a blind eye to evil (Gohan's arc)
Gohan watched HIS ENTIRE FAMILY AND ALL OF HIS FRIENDS get BEATEN TO PULPS by CELL JRS and didn't even lift a finger to stop them. It was only when Android 16, a machine that existed ONLY for the purpose of killing his DAD, met his end, that Gohan snapped and did something. Gohan is the WORST character in Dragon Ball. More evil than any of its villains.

It'sthe second best Super arc only behind Moro. Then again, that isn't hard to do. The message of the arc of getting over things of the past was nice but it could have been executed better in Granolah's case, since he doesn't actually have any reason to leave his quest for revenge, Saiyans still killed his race and by proxy Frieza too. The arc just ignores that with the Heeters to put him out future arcs I guess. And it's worse with Bardock being treated as a hero even though he's a genocidial maniac that also killed Granolah's race yet everyone treats him like some saint, even worse considering how Toriyama wants Goku to be considered bad. Goku and Vegeta power-up being relates to their character developmemt was nice though, with both of their power-ups having their style and Saiyan characteristics. Gas and Elec were good villains too, Gas also shines for being actually pretty "human" compared to the other villains. And Frieza comeback was cool too, though a new power-up is kind of unnecesary, at least they had better reasons for it this time. The fights were also very creative too, specially with Gas.
I give it a 3/10 too, it's still better than the other Super arcs and the Cell arc.

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Also the fact that he only snapped because 16 was so kind and pure (despite wanting to kills his dad, which you can argue is programming), it implies that Goku and the rest of them aren't considered as Pure as Gohan considered 16 either.

There is also that part where, y'know, Freeza was constantly mentioned? He was mentioned as part of Vegeta's development, Granolah's motivation, who the Heeters were aiming to take down and he's relevant to Goku given he's the one responsible for Freeza being on the loose in the first place.

Comparatively Bardock's role was hamfisted. Nobody even knew him besides Gas and Elec who didn't even know who the hell he was. And our entire context for that is Goku listening to a fucking audio recording.

>out of nowhere
Pedo x Pedo lives with a family and a mortgage in your brain.

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Don't forget Monaito deciding that the only reason Goku/Raditz lived was pure convenience and the power of friendship.

because he's not a god damn fucking saiya-jin?

Hisoka, a well known Bejitabro

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Moro Arc 9/10
Granola Arc 7.5/10

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Thoughts on them? Is Kaiser lolcow tier?

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>Frieza at least makes some sense considering he was once Emperor
Which doesn't make sense why Frieza would bother to show up at all, since he is busy rebuilding his empire. Why would he deal with a couple of mooks now if he already knew about Elec's plan to overthrow him the entire time?

I still don't know why Toyo bothered to shove Frieza in the end the arc when the narrative specifically changed (because of Bardock) to make the Heeters the main baddies of Granolah's revenge scheme instead of him and the Saiyans. Granolah doesn't even get to see Frieza or interact with him in any way since he's too busy crying over Monaito dying.

I couldn't even tell a difference
I don't know who Kaiser is or why he should be a lolcow

I'd argue that Bardock only made the story worse whereas Freeza's appearance managed to take a previously boring conclusion and ramp it up to 11 with implications for the rest of the story. Which is also another gap between how the two were handled. Bardock doesn't add anything, he only subtracts. Meanwhile Freeza's appearance creates build up for the future and turns the entire thing on its head.

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Who did MUNCHren absorb to achieve this new form?

He's like the main guy behind TFS

Used to be fun and enjoyable and now is just a sad state of a bunch of aging men with nowhere to go with their lives and are being forgotten about rather quickly.

16 never acted on his programming because Cell was a far bigger threat than Goku. He even tells Goku this before the Cell Games begin.

Who's the strongest? Jiren? Gohan Blanco? Freeza Negro? Broly?

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Lucifer (angel malvado revelado forma).

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I hate how he tries to pronounce everything with a japanese accent. It's really tryhard and cringe.

What does that have to do with Gohan being more emotionally disturbed at the death of a total stranger compared to his entire circle of friends and family being beaten within an inch of their lives in front of him?

>There is also that part where, y'know, Freeza was constantly mentioned
None of that went anywhere because the story shifted to focus on Bardock and the Heeters killing Granolah's mother. Frieza was written out until he was thrown in the last 10 pages.

Granolah doesn't matter for the rest of the series. Freeza does. Freeza is relevant to Goku, Vegeta, Broly and Beerus.

He's a fuckin weeb

F. Trunks with a planet actually full of life

Moro Arc 0.000009/10
Granola ARc 0.0000075/10
Sorry. I originally mistyped the numbers

Kek, he's just like MistareFusion?

The narrative shifting over to an ultimately irrelevant character and sidelining an actually relevant character is just poor writing. It does not change that Bardock was forced whereas Freeza was built up from the very beginning as the focus.

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>Less than a week into Dokkan
>Already have two of the best units in the game
Uh oh Gachasisters... I'm getting sucked in...

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Why did Tracertaco make an entire arc about some throwaway character then?

Im glad Freiza likes to have his morning cereal munch out

You mean LR Goku and Cooler? If that's so congratulations.

I don't know. Am I meant to explain the logic of foreigners? Besides which wasn't it Toriyama who was writing this saga?

It seemed like Toyotardo finally realized that nobody cared about about his OCs.

Because Bardock, Dragon Ball is all about pleasing specific fans because of merchandise


When the arc starts and it looks good, it's made by Toriyama, when the arc ends and it's shit, it's made by Toyotaro. Got it?

Because Bardock is Hackotaros favorite character and shoved him in the story even though he has no real significance to the plot