What would you do if your waifu got GOBBED?

What would you do if your waifu got GOBBED?

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Let the healing begin.

I wouldn't have a waifu that weak in the first place

It was never clear. Did the delivery kill her?

How can goboins be a threat like nigga just gas their caves or use scroll of genocide


>...in sickness or in health, for rich or for poor, till death do us part.
I would take care of her and help her move past it.

Suppose she was strong but events outside of anyone's control caused it to happen anyways. What then? No dodging the question this time.

Honor kill her

fap at the kink

Was this girl and her party members really strong heroes or were they deluding themselves? Actually strong heroes appear almost immediately after them, and it's impossible to imagine those noob shitters in the same league as them.

I would hunt down the goblins and rape them in exchange.


They were shitters who got cocky because they thought goblins were easy to beat

they were porcelain rank lmao

Waifu a Gob

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My waifu would sooner take her own life than get gobbed.

Find the goblins waifu and rape her

what's worse? getting GOBBED or ORCED?

>years later
>at the park with his half bear daughter
>a woman comes along
>it's his former wife
>she also has a half bear daughter

it is what it is.

Orced would be ten times worse

Sui's wet dream