Leaked toc, might be fake

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Kill yourself. Stop posting this trash.

Is it real?

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fake toc by uutard on 5ch


what the fuck happened?

OP acting like a retarded Any Forumsermin

>no Black Clover

>above roboco and ppp
Yep, you know the drill.

Is Ruri still dead?

>Akane that low
>Roboco and P6 below Stupidphone
>no Black Clover
Definitely fake


Where is the real one then?

24 hours

Yes but there was some sort of trademark registration
of course the OP of that thread is fucking deranged for thinking there is any chance that's for an anime

If nips don't vote for the Mimin fight but bumped up the Reijiro fight, I'll be mad.
Not even for the /u/ shit, it was a breath of fresh air from the melodrama and Mimin calling out the shounen tropes while being fully retarded was fun.
Asta died last chapter, it's over

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Ruri never existed
It was just a dream

Probably fake yeah, no reason for UU to have two color pages in a row, the anime already got announced

No, it's supposed to get one

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Let the thread die and make a new one for the real ToC.

Mankichi Togawa, I know you are lurking. That ToC is fake. 5ch JJK leaker, the regular leaker, hasn't posted the spoiler yet. Don't immediately trust 5ch post