Chapter 1 to 14

>chapter 1 to 14
Yes I get the premise from the one shot oh look they did the thing and he's embarrassed it happened again
>chapter 15 to 44
Ah yes well this is getting and cute I will have to start bookmarking chapters
>chapter 45 to 62
>roll around in bed for an hour
This is a favorite chapter, and this one, and this one, and this one, and this.......

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They know me

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it peaked on the chapter where her dad tames her mom and he immediately mirrors them to tame akatsu
this mangaka better not pussy out and write 100 chapters of them making out and Ooyama trying hard to not get her pregnant before they're out of highschool
he fails

He says he wants to hit 200 chapters. i think he can do it without getting stale. I really like series where almost everything takes place in a single room.

> 200 chapters
It will be a blessing



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Genuinely good shit

MomOoyama only got two chapters so she'll probably show up a few more times same with her parents god I hope Akitsu's friends show up some more too, they're great foils and Gamo and Yoshi tier wingmen,

It's the absolute BEST the best
I MUST buy the series I CANNOT approve of it any harder

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I love it too much
I need to stop I'm already catching up to current chapters I have to control myself

What a fun series

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Kill yourself

Not while I have chapters to read

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Really love this one, was a pleasent surprise while searching for romcoms with Yankee girls. Yeah like you said the first chapters were let's say cute but without purpose or a bit here and there, but when he finally created a linear plot finally became really cute and feel like the Homeowner.
Really 200 chapters, well hope they devellop faster because now seems to have real feelings that they share openly so, what the 200 chapter will be them fucking on their honeymoon? Not that I complain.

is Akutsu a good tsundere?

>mom is a superior version of daughter

I sort of started hating it around 60-something, but fuck it I will take any progress over nothing.

It's cute as fuck and that's all that matters

Have they seem each other naked yet?

He's seen her naked, yes

She's already his loyal little kitten

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she saw full frontal of him