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Moria is back
Perona is in

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Do you think Ace ever thought about Tama being on the verge of starving to death back in Wano when he pigged out at restaurants and didn't even pay?

>Tastes like Tama's cunny...

Where are the spoilers?

How did Usopp go from one of the best characters pre timeskip to the worst character in the manga?

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One piece is mid fr fr no cap

Because he literally doesn't do anything other than make stupid faces the vast majority of the time.


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>no troon representation

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Cause oda loves usopp and hates sanji
...hold up

>worst character in the manga

robin exist

Okamas are literally th good guys in the story. Seeth more

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Post Cute and Canon

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If I was Oda I would've given all the strawhats access to Haki... heck if I was Toriyama, the humans would've learned Kaioken.


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Usopp is irredeemably shit, friend. At least Robin wasn’t prepared to lie and shit on Luffy’s dream to save her own life like that worthless faggot was.

>all the retards who pushed this awful character and their delusions completely vanished

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>Can't even type correctly because he's so mad


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CARROTBROS WHY???????????????????????

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Really? Because they were flooding the last thread.


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alright nigger pass the fucking list

Oda is holding usopp back and writing him purposely shit to make his moment in elbaf even cooler

>>completely vanished
Must feel nice to not be an American and have to suffer through American hours.

Thinking about all those proud human men who gave their lives for the World Government throughout the centuries only to have Fishman men and Sky Island men come and breed their great-granddaughters, kek.

>*wastes your panels*
Nothing personnel

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Usopp will never be cool again bro

ok THIS is some fucking cope

Post-TS Usopp isn't bad. He just hasn't done anything since Dressrosa which gave us God Usopp and awakening observational haki. At least Franky had a fight in Onigashima.

Elbaf will hopefully fix this issue as it has been long foreshadowed to be his arc, but seeing as how Zoro didn't get shit in Wano, I'm not so sure anymore.

But M*rj said Usopp’s next big moment was supposed to have been in Wano…

Why what?

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>>no troon representat-

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>huge tits
She doesn't even have those in the manga, it's the most pointless shit character in 20 years, but it's funny how the anime wants to at least give her something to remember

>Did absolutely nothing in Wano besides piggyback off of Nami and Tama
>massive boost in bounty

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Why didn’t Whitebeard said this at Marineford?

Reminder that fags and trannies gave Oda/One Piece shit for this for many years, which is exactly why Oda pretended to make a tranny character join the main crew just to crush their hopes and dreams

Gabe Newel fears Blackbeard because everything he does comes in threes

usopp bro....dont go to the light...

The more I see of this dude the more I come to the realization that it would’ve been better had they left his bitch ass at Water Seven

>french dudes
Okama land is europe

Usopp committed tax fraud

Unequivocally based. These faggots deserve to be laughed at until the end of time.

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Conqueror's Haki bluff went a long way.

Yes, bounty biggest indicator of brave man. Ussop dream brave man. You rike manga?

Pretty Pachy

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Stop shitting on Usopp

Not seeing much Yamato posting, what do they shitpost with these days?

speaking of usopp being shit

Is the "usopp lies will became real" thing now btfo forever because he didnt defeat the numbers?

Glad to see Usopp retain his spot as the worst Straw hat ever to exist

Oda really forgot

>"knowing next to nothing about One Piece but tell me more about this character!"
That was your average Yamatranny spammer over the last few months, in case you guys didn't notice. Just politics bots who shilled their mental illness

But most of those people won't care if Yamato doesn't join because they don't read One Piece, they probably wouldn't even know what "Yamato didn't join" means
For all they care there's some new rep in a series they don't read and that's all they need to know, just like how people that don't play Splatoon are now singing its praises because some character in it doesn't use pronouns

Usually during prime burger hours. They’re hiding behind Vivi now.

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usopp had his hurdle early on and got buck broken. he'll probably get another moment to shine like dressarosa.

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Usopp is great. Stop shitting on him

Wtf is this animation

I love Usopp!

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Holy kek i forgot about that
God usopp is down bad

Actually objective.

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Literally every person I saw who was for Yamato joining always mentioned her tits in one way or another.

>no way to defeat me

not true btw. usopp made contact with luffy during that fight if used seastone luffy would be down

But oda is a fucking hack and seastone will be used 4 times in combat in total in all of series because MUH MY HAKI

Post cute Usopps

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Usopp hasn’t been “great” since Water 7, and even in that arc he was a fucking asshole.

I would rather have a thread filled with Yamatoposting than a single Carrotposter be allowed to live.

At least Yamatoposting come with big booba.

>Nami, stop taking a stand and believing in people
>We're the future pirate Kings crew, we're supposed to grovel before a threat

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Its because the Yamtroon posters were FUCKING DISCORD RAIDERS. I had a fight with one and they even admitted being in a discord to spam Nakama wars. The moment Yamatroon decided to stay is when they went away

Thank fuck she didnt join, it was actually scary. /opg/ wouldve been ruled by an unironic tranny discord

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This is your average Yamacoomer, everyone:

This. OP has had trannies for a long ass time. Reminder Ivankov fought Croc and we still haven't seen his face in an old flashback so it is possible he got troonbeam'd.

>Jungle P that low
That is asking for a fight right there, user.

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What a fucking piece of shit.

We're never going to Elbaf. Fuck Usopp.

We don't talk about that guy here.

Why? He's the most obnoxious character in OP. Not even Sogeking was cool.

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Why is she so cute bros? I wanna suck her cock

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Usoppfags don’t exist.

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>I had a fight with one and they even admitted being in a discord to spam Nakama wars
Why would they do that? Sounds like something a falseflagger would do
Then again I'd be a fool to underestimate the retardation of a Yamatofag

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The damage Yamatofags inflicted on you will never heal.

No because his lies have to age before a bit before becoming real. Usopp will probably end up taking out all the former Baroque Works agents by himself.

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Reminder. One of Blackbeard's ten titanic captains will either be taken out early or betray him.

Who would it be?

Were Usoppfags secretly hiding in these threads the entire time?

Does anyone genuinely like Vivi as a potential crewmate, or do they just use her to fuck with all the recent character nakamafags?

Why does she have so much porn material? I need more speed

Why are Yamatroons shitting on Usopp now? Accept your loss

>Its because the Yamtroon posters were FUCKING DISCORD RAIDERS
Well obviously. One Piece is huge, they got wind of there being a potential tranny character and that it triggers le chuds and did what they do all day anyway

Wear those battle scars with honor, TruthKINGS, formerly known as DenialCHADS

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This is /opg/ so it’s always the latter

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Everyone but the OG crew and 10th captain will betray Blackbeard when the going gets tough.

The only objective thing is your bad taste.


Another reason why Gin is the tenth Titanic Captain.

Thick Robin thighs…

I hate Yamatroon c00mbrains so much it's unreal