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is it real?

>Aliens Area
>Earthchild (END)

Hey, I guessed the bottom 3 in that other thread.

no, we're probably only getting any kind of leaks 24 hours from now


It was pretty obvious that Earthchild would end this week. Guess AA is next

Uh? I don't understand.

>Jujutsu Kaisen below MHA
It's over.

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>There won't be any WSJ leaks for another 24hours. Please revert back to the normal schedule guys
according to leaker

why do people argue over which thing is more popular and care and stuff?

i have read manga since the mid 1990s and i have never cared what sells or what's more popular than what

why are so many people on Any Forums absolutely obsessed with normie metrics? it's so fucking weird. you aren't nerds, you're normalfags jockeying for position in an environment that has nothing to do with you. you have no actual interests here.

why don't you go and fuck off?

So how come when a series is at the bottom it gets axed? Why not let it carry on? Why does it mean it's not popular. I was about to get in to the six p's

Why do you care that people care

P1: there are new manga i like to read
P2: new manga survival depend on normie metric
P3: new manga i like will live if it has good metrics
C: normie metrics matter

>open a thread for things you don't like
>see things you don't like
>get mad
>tell the thread you're mad

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lurk more or at least read bakuman

Nice fake faggot, now where's the real one?

A survey you can fill on for prizes comes with Jump every week, you vote for your top 3 chapters. They put the manga with the most votes at the front of the magazine and the stuff with little support at the back.

>Koisuru One Piece
it's back?

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the idea that people never said normie is in itself touristfag shit, you've been deceived and have taken up a flag that identifies you as a poseur

dont talk to me one second about what anyone says or does on the internet if you havent ever looked up a VERONICA resource. thanks

I like PPPPPP but honestly this 4 way Piano battle arc has been kind of dragging, anyone else feel similarly?

Issho is the best thing to happen recently in WSJ

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5ch suspected that fake toc was made by UUfag who is also AT hater

>UU not ranked because cp
>AT not even in the magazine
For what purpose?

it's a one shot to promote it as consolation price/apology since they forced the author to write shugomaru

As someone who cares more about the character drama than piano, I'm ambivalent on this arc since it resolves Re and Mi's unresolved plot threads. I liked 41, 45 and 46 but for the most part, apart from maybe Mimin's performance, the depiction of the piano playing this time round isn't really doing it for me. I think for P6, when it gets good it gets really good, but it's quite inconsistent most of the time.

he sounds based

Please Jump... I need something to shitpost about. Doron and Earthchild was too stale. Ruri hasn't come back yet. No one actually gives enough of a shit about Alines and Smartphone... I feel like I have shitposted in months.

>Earthchild (END)
how did Earthchild last so long when no one seems to like it

but is ihara continuing one piece in love, since they only let him put it on hiatus for shugomaru and not end it

ruri anime soon

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OP is probably "Reddit in Spirit" user that has a hateboner for Akane and P6 so just ignore him. And the legitimate leaker Redon said it won't be coming out for awhile.
P6 has done decent enough to live for a while, since there are worse performing series to cut through first. Mainly the newest series that usually flop and die in ~20 chapters. It's newest volume is out in a few days, and if its sales continue to grow from last volume then it could even move further up the pecking order of Jump. The first chapters are rough but it improves fast.

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compare to everything else this is not dragging. it's the opposite actually.

Earthchild's rank, bring it to me

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ChartBro, if you're reading this, please confirm last week's ToC placements. You posted the charts when the ToC was fake last week. Half of the series were in wrong positions... (also wait for this ToC to be confirmed before updating the charts. It screams fake.)

Trademarks mean shit

jump only axes series with doomed sales, p6 is on a rising sales trend (although very slow), so unless more new series become successes sales-wise p6 is safe for now.

Fake... You forgot witch watch.lolololol

Since konami seems pretty desesperate, what are the odds it'll finally serialize an isekai series? A battle harem is already one step closer to it after all

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It's on break.

but this toc is fake anyway

magu anime soon

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2022 / Q3 / Second-Half

Average TOC Placements

One Piece [1.3]
Jujutsu Kaisen [2.8]
My Hero Academia [3]
Sakamoto Days [3.4]
Akane-Banashi [5.7]
Blue Box [5.9]
RuriDragon [enters hiatus]
Witch Watch [7]
The Elusive Samurai [7.3]
Me & Roboco [8.1]
Black Clover [8.4]
Mashle [9.7]
Mission: Yozakura Family [10.6]
High School Family [11.2]
PPPPPP [11.3]
Undead Unluck [12]
Super Smartphone [12.2]
Aliens Area [13]
Earthchild [15.8]
Doron Dororon [16] [ended]

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P6 TOC also not bad, not great but decent. Adding in that toc, sale and growth are all the elements that WSJ take into consideration when it comes to their series, not just a single metric.