Gundam Trilogy

How would you improve the trilogy?

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make it about char exclusively

give sayla mass a big fat ass

id just rewatch the tv series

Make the first two film's animation quality on the same level of encounter in space

Hayato dies, frawbow gets with amuro,

I'm planning to watch this tonight, should I watch the movies or the TV series. I already got the basic of everything down from playing srw for years

Watch the TV series, pretend the first two don't exist, watch the 3rd to experience the ultimate Gundam kino

Amuro lost Fraw Bow as karma for having the hots for Lalah remember Lalah was Amuro’s first pick right up until she dies

Make it stop being so fucking weird with the female characters. Seriously. This is supposed to be a love interest.

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Char is the cliff booth of Gundam he takes all the bullshit that life throws at him and just deals with it
my parents were murdered? Cool
I have to change my name? No problem
I have to fight warfare for the Zabi family? Cool I’ll clime the ranks & get close enough to them to assassinate them
No bitching no whining he just does his job and gets what he wants that archetype works better for a secondary protagonist anyways

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Remove Lalah

The dude in the glasses literally gets slapped by the same guy in the same episode Amuro slapping fraw was fucked up tho

He whined about it constantly and it dominated every aspect of his life until the psychosis it put him in led him to use some indian girls death as an excuse to nuke the planet earth, im not saying that hes a bad character or that it's unreasonable or anything but i dont think anyone can really say he was "cool" about it.

Oh I’ve only watched the trilogy/og series I don’t really care for any other Gundam
Thunderbolt was cool

I don't think that it stands alone as a good animated trilogy. It was just the TV show compiled together.

There were jumps in the story that would be confusing to any movie goer. Amuro immediately chased after Char and he got stuck in space, there was zero explanation of how he traveled back. F92 multiplied those issues ten fold.

If you compare it with something like Castle of Cagliostro which was released in 1979, then it is an ooof.

Make CCA a 50 episode anime to actually realize Tomino's original vision rather than hamfist all of it in a movie.

>my parents were murdered? Cool
Char's entire reason for assassinating the Zabi family is because they killed his father and tried to kill him. It's why he tricked Garma to his death and killed Kycilia. He would've tried to kill Dozle and Gihren too if he could.

There's nothing to improve. It's literally the perfect anime movie trilogy.

Yeah but he didn’t flee zeon and fight with the earth federation like sayla he just let the opportunity arise (I have not seen Gundam the origin or zeta or chars counterattack so if they retcons him into a bitch that’s non of my concern)

This. Lalah is the single worst thing in the entirety of UC.

>No bitching no whining
So you didn't watch Gundam then

The Origin just shows how he got the name "Char Aznable", and why he wears the mask and later sunglasses as Quattro.

have you tried the 08th ms team?

Beltorchikas children is like 30 chapters, you are going to need massive amounts of filler if you want that to be 50 episodes

Give us more Haman or let her live at the end of ZZ. I LOVE Haman. Seeing CDA would be cool

Nah been meaning to but I don’t like the character designs plus guy coming across naked girl scenes™ Are fucking awful I hated that shit in code geass and I’m going to hate it in 08th