Go to sleep

>go to sleep
>happy Gomamon on pillow
What would you do?

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Uh, excuse me? Gomamon? On MY pillow? FORGET sleep! I'm going to pet Gomamon.

move gomamon off the pillow, put it back on my bed, and go to sleep

>pat the gomamon
>pinch the gomamon cheeks
>abandon my pillow and material posseions to the gomamon

Worst digimon

Best digimon

I have no opinion on this digimon

Pokemon shouldnt be considered Anime

Ask him to Digivolve to Zudomon for hot Digimon sex


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I think thats impossible

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Not with that attitude

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Kill it and eat it as a midnight snack. Sealion meat is pretty good.

Does it have a pussy ?



Awww, this reminds me of when my cat was still a kitten. He'd always try to get on the bed and sleep next to me, and I was always worried about accidentally rolling over and crushing him.
So I put a small, padded basket next to the pillow for him to sleep in, but he always got out of it in the end.
Now he just wakes me up at 6 AM for breakfast

Thats really sweet

Call a shelter and take him there, I already have 2 pets to take care of

can you eat the fish gomamon summons? can gomamon?