Does a bad sequel ruin the original?

Does a bad sequel ruin the original?

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Yes, just like fanfiction sequels do

Only for underages obsessed with canon.

Absolutely. Unless they're cordoned off away from the events that happened before.

If it has another author then the original isn't ruined. But if the sequel has the same author as the original but is trash then it reveals the author as a hack. And if the author is a hack then you should ask yourself if the work is as great as you thought it is. It's only ruined if it's made by the same people.


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Just look at Star Wars and you tell me who still wants to associate with its subsequent branding

No. The original never changes. Stop this. Its all in your heads.

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Yes,now suffer

yashahime wasnt bad but it was not great. might have been different if was directed by Rumiko

Yes and a good spinoff makes the original better

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Yashahime was great. It had cool swords, a cute tomboy and inappropriate age gap relationships. What more do you want?

No unless you have autism

Not the original season itself but the franchise as a whole.

I can't think of any Any Forums examples but picrel ruined Warcraft 3, it can definitely happen

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>It's only ruined if it's made by the same people

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Yes we all know the anal ending with Tomoyo was way better, but this is still bait.

No but a bad second half definitely can ruin the earlier parts no matter how much you liked them initially.


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Yes, especially if it's done by same author

The problem is not just the author, but the shareholders of franchise that decide what is official. Take disney star wars.