Kunoichi Suzuran

10/10 submissive wife material

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What would getting pampered by Suzuran (and Shion) be like?

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She's a bad girl who talks about boys too much.

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bow kuno?

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How would Hagi react to being pampered?

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She will think that it will lead to her death one way or another.

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Fourth biggest breasts among the kunoichi.

Where did these girls go so wrong, how did they end up like this?

Just noticed she uses a small breastplate piece on the chest.

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10/10 domestic abuse material

Eyebrows too thin.
Wouldn't cum on them/10

So where's the chart, user?

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Which Kunoichi would enjoy having her clitoris flicked by my tongue the most?

I don't think that's a trait you could infer from what we've seen of them
But the answer is Fuki

You guys didn't have a Kunoichi Oniyuri without me, did you?

High-tier mommydaughterwife

1/10 listens material

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Daily dose

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>On my signal, FIRE!