Kaguya Manga 274 Korea

>3 Months.


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We already had speedtl thread yesterday.

cheers, I missed this

At least she'll graduate before giving birth.

What Sinetron drama is this?

>Kaguya touching her belly in the doctor's office
>Mikado is with her

I demand an explanation

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For anyone who wants to read, I gonna dump 4-koma last chapter.
Zaibatsu btw

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wasn't this shit supposed to end a few chapters ago


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I want to impregnate Miko.

Those are neither Kaguya nor Mikado.

Reminder to
Miko a shit
Ishigami a shit
Maki a shit

Man, Hayasaka is still stuck with these two dumbasses rather than her other two friends? How sad



Karen and Erika could have been strongly bounded to Hayasaka in main manga, but they were wasted honestly.

Will she though? What month is it in-universe?

Do you have a link?

Maki really is a cuckqueen huh?

I am annoyed these two have had move development than Chika. Why couldnt she get pregnant?!

why does aka love teen pregnancy so much? OnK has a 16 year old getting pregnant