How did they get away with making this show?

How did they get away with making this show?

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I wonder about it, it has been a long time since an anime shows a loli nipples


user is physically unable to grasp the concept of /ss/

Nobody cares about Shota's getting sexually involved with girls. Yeah, you have this small group in the west that's like "Oh, but it's a horrible double standard and we should be above that!" But they are lying, nobody gives a fuck.

>/ss/ harem ecchi
>13 boy multiple times ends up face first into college girls' privates
>one time the way they landed his dick should have literally been inside college pink
>13 year old girl forcibly stripped and her nipples exposed
>a fish swimming into 13 year old girl's cunt
>13 year old girl getting a footjob from guy in his sleep
>college white making out with boy in his sleep
>college white riding boy's back with a skirt and no panties on
from what I remember

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Is that an /ss/ harem?

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The ending is shit

Fish rape

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Do they fuck? Not watching it if they don't.

Holy based, I will no subscribe to HiDive

green was the best

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Japan has a different sense of humor

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no point watching it if there's no sex

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Is the manga this balls-to-the-walls lewd as well?

It was a different time

Dude it was last year

I'm so upset that this never got a second season. Now the two university girls will never be animated.

Oh right I got it confused with Pet Girl of Sakurasou
Still censorship often comes on pretty fast and suddenly

The manga is lewd but it doesn't have nipples for most part.

He's saying no so it's okay

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>this was never animated
>she didn't even appear in the anime
It's not fair.

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the boy and the girl are 12 actually

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That ""loli"" had massive double D tits retard.

I know, isn't it great?


Shit ending though

The opening video isn't even on youtube because it's 2lewd