Is she okay?

Is she okay?

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That was tough to read.

Nah, but being miserable is the only thing she ever had been good at.

She's doing better but she's still a gay femcel, a recovering alcoholic, struggling not to succumb to prior eating disorders, and compulsively feels the need to document her life because autobiography is all publishers and her audience want from her.

On the bright side if you follow her online it seems like she's at least not relapsed on anything lately and is doing better financially as the books continue to sell.

It's weird how her avatar reminds me of a fucked up version of pic related.

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Plot? Context?

mangaka that's done a few journalistic mangas detailing being lonely, having a gay experience, becoming an alcoholic, and the impact of her father being an alcoholic.

the only purpose these stories serve is to be ironically enjoyed by shit posters or used as helplessness affirmations

No, she was diagnosed with ligma, very sad

I could've saved her.

guaranteed replies thread.

Molested as a child. Don’t forget she was molested as a child, because Lord knows she isn’t keeping that private either.

> they still consider these stories just some kind of a blog, and think presenting them as a book is irrelevant

Y'know guys
I don't think molesting children is such a great idea after all

>I don't think molesting children is such a great idea after all
You're right, we don't need more faggots or dykes in this world.

I like this panel

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Welcome to modern S O C I E T Y where nobody matters and morals are considered C R I N G E


this but unironically

I guess I have to mention that I made a joke about people leaving typical comments like the ones in this thread, and not the author.

I know, that's why I said unironically