Let's have a Fate thread.

Also, why I was warned for posting pic related?

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they probably thought it was a bait thread

The warn said it was for posting adult content.

that's weird since this show is for man-children.

Nah, it's good

the only good Fate

Based. But it did give us case files, which is pretty good.

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at least it was good for something

That's Fate Stay Night.

FSN is for self-aware chuunichads who know what they like. FZ is for immature faggots in denial, who allow gore and edginess to distract them from the superficial story and characters.

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Mods hate kino.

Kill yourself

You first mod faggot.

>Y-you are a mod!!!

f/z LN or anime
which one's better and what's the difference?

The anime doesn't adapt some scenes, but they aren't important. Also, you don't have the sakuga in the LN. Watch the anime.

>too much of a faggot to reply properly
I'm not the one coping here, mod faggot.

>N-no you!

Zero is superior because Kiritsugu's mental gymnastics are more entertaining than Shirou's.

any gods here?