Stone Ocean Anime

1 day left.

Are you excited for Dragon's Dream and Yo-Yo Ma?

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Sadly, Netflix killed the hype.

yeah why not it's gonna be good fun :)

I'm considering watching Flaccid Pancake to Westwood and then skipping to the fight with the green baby and Pucci

Is this another 12 episode dump?


Yes. This batch will end right after Jail House Lock.

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Damn, this is worse than if they had just released the episodes in a normal season. I'm kind of disappointed the production schedule has been the longest of all the seasons yet the quality seems to be dipping.

Sasuga Netflix

Some people claimed that Netflix rushed David Productions for the first 12 episodes, which explained the low quality. Now we know that it wasn't true.

Do we know anything about the opening

didn't realize this was releasing already, haven't seen anyone talking about it. Netflix really killed all the hype and momentum it had

No, but it's probably also made by Kamikaze Douga.

Stone Ocean isn't a super popular part in general as far as I'm aware, so it's not like there was much hype to begin with

How do we know?

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They had more than 9 months, maybe a year, to do these 12 episodes. And based on the trailers, they don't look particularly better than the first batch, so it's fair to say the quality wasn't due to Netflix rushing them.

>are you excited for things you have already seen and know
i just don't get you people.

Here is an anime production timeline made by one of the jojo wiki admins. It's based on publicly released character model sheet dates and confirmed information from interviews with staff.

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Why are you even here then, NPC-kun?

Bad adaptation desu. I just think DP gave up

>Jail House Lock
Best minor Stand fight in the series. Hope they don't fuck it up

Yo Yo Ma is an underrated fight and Dragons Dream is Foo Fighters big moment and should be clearer in the anime so yes I am excited.

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I like the fight but the user herself was a bit of an asspull. Where was she during the first jailbreak with Jotaro?