Does he really erase time or just messes with everyone perception and perspective of time outside of Diavolo

Does he really erase time or just messes with everyone perception and perspective of time outside of Diavolo.

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He erases time itself. Functionally it's like he's taking away people's perspective of time because only he is able to avoid Fate as seen by Epitaph, but time is literally destroyed, that's how he bullets can go through him.

He functions like video game lag. Ping Crimson.

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He removes himself from causality. All other answers are wrong.

Okay, let me explain it to you user.

There. Hope you get it now.

He's the equivalent of that one kid going "Nuh uh it didn't actually hit me" when you would play wizards on the playground.

It's just a copy of Tse's ability from HxH

He just works.

How the fuck do you think Diavolo dodged Aerosmith's bullets if the latter was the case?

aite bro here's your reply


i just don't understand how he killed narancia. the only theory i heard that makes sense is that he skipped his own actions for the result, but i don't recall him doing that in any other instance. i mean, he deliberately has to end the time skip right before his karate chops, wtf? was it the chariot requiem stando power boost? am i trying to make sense of araki's inconsistencies?

it just works

It makes a little sense but it's retarded.

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He really is skipping time or the scene with Giorno on the boat wouldn't make sense

The time erase is more like a time skip. Everything stills plays out normally except for King Crimson. People can't remember what happens during a skip and King Crimson can't change things either. If something was meant to be moved by King Crimson before a skip, then it would still be moved if he did something else during a skip.

I don't really get how he was defeated at the end

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how would your alternate explanation allow him to do what he did against Aerosmith

Who cares, part 5 sucks

He was fated to do so. If it isn't a part of Epitaph's visions, he can only position himself for a hit.