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Chapter 38: Aiko Tokosumi (1)
During summer vacation a group of fifteen children discover a mysterious man living in a cave surrounded by high tech gadgets, the man claims to be a game developer, creating a video game with a giant robot defending Earth from fifteen alien invaders. He asked the children to test the game for him and they agreed.

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These color pages weren't included in the official English translation, for some reason.

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official English page: files.catbox.moe/pac51c.jpeg

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Once again, I couldn't get these next few pages to line up well in Viz's release. You can see them both here though, if you want:

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I posted the wrong spread , forgot about the "You cannot delete posts this often." error when I tried to back and and fix the page order. This and the next two pages come before , my apologies.

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Continuing from here ...

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How times have changed between people being too shy to become pop stars and people throwing themselves to become v-tubers...

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Not sure if i should be impressed that he figured out she was lying, or disappointed he's trying to match worst teacher in terms of likability.

Chapter 38/65. Maybe I should have just stuck with the old scans for this.
Did you achieve your childhood dreams?

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