Let's settle this once and for all, Any Forumsnons

Let's settle this once and for all, Any Forumsnons.

Boobs or butts?

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Ass can make up for the lack of boobs but boobs can't make up for the lack of ass

tits are genetic
ass can be gained through exercise or genetics

why not both ?

Never understood why you wouldn't want both.

if your ass is REALLY flat no amount of exercise is gonna make it appear any bigger, just more shapely and even then not by much
a real nigga right here

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>oh gosh what a difficult question
>I know, I'll just throw a fit and refuse to answer

Basically this. Boobs are a gift from the genetic lottery but almost anyone could get a nice butt with enough work. Plus i usually see washboards coping by insisting ass is better but usually not the other way around.

both is an answer though. instead of a woman with huge tits or a huge ass get a woman with medium ass and tits. ther perfect compromise

Cease this faggotry.

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A woman with small tits and a great ass is still very breedable.
A woman with great tits and no ass just looks sad.
I like both, but ass is far more important.

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but told me I cant choose both

Anyone can gain an acceptable ass, but the big bodacious bubble booties that you want to take a massive bite out of is almost entirely genetic.

Titlet cope. Nice ass is attainable, nice rack isnt

Nigga I want my woman to have a massive ass and tits, none of this compromise bullshit.


I agree. A bitch with no ass is simply terrible, while there is a simple beauty in a flat chest

You're all wrong. the truth is legs, ass can make up for lack of breats but a lack of legs ruins any combination

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No matter how tasty the milk may be, if she has no ass I will pass.

I can live with a flat chest. I cannot live with a flat ass. An ass is a foundational necessity.

The whole point of a difficult question is coming up with an answer.

>Would you save your mother or father if they were both drowning?
>I would save both.
>If you had to pick between waffles or pancakes which would you choose?
>I would have one of each.
>Fuck, marry, kill.
>I marry all 3.

Congratulations. You've proven nothing other than the fact that you're so weak willed that you can't even make a difficult decision when it's purely hypothetical with no consequences.


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Its not that I'm a fence sitter. I just love tits and ass too much to definitively pick one.

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I would rather be alone then compromise is what I am saying.

Also I would save my father, and Waffles are better.

Go ahead and be alone while we suck tiddies and squeeze wifebutts then.