Jashin-chan Dropkick X

Tourism time is over

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First for snek is best.

Requesting this scene with sound

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Would you rather have a gf like Jashin, Medusa, Minos or Pekora?

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That's a lie.

Medusa's high mode was a reference to Shokuhou Misaki right?

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>Tourism time is over
Finally. They hokkaido episodes ruined the season

I don't think they are allowed to say that.

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One snek wife please.

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Is this the real Snek Thread

I'll be the first to admit I didn't get the reference but that's pretty common with this show

OP song from my wife Chino's show.
Honestly I didn't get the reference until I gugure'd it either.

I'm Snek, yes, I'm the real Snek
All you other Sneks, are just imitating
So won't the real Snek, please stand up?
Please stand up, please stand up

It took about 4 years but now I'm finally getting tired of the word 'snek'...

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What is False God My Dropkick?

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Want Pekora gf.

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I love Yurine

We know, Pino.

Go away professor.

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he is away already, away in many aspects

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>the better thread lost
Snek life.

He'll be back when the moment is right. Just like last time.

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