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threadly reminder that ginko won and there's nothing you can do to change that fact

Is there a problem?

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I can not read it and live in my own headcannon.

Why can't you read it?

The Prophet said it was OK.

The 1900s said it was OK.

Don't post private pictures of my wife

user can't read

Ginko a cute

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All pedophiles deserve to me dissolved in acid, feet first, while alive.

ok redditor

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you tell 'em sister!

>me dissolved in acid, feet first, while alive
Holy Freudian slip, Batman!

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you like lolis don't you, user?

He's in the cognitive dissonance phase. You already know he saw some great doujin cover on the popular section of some shithole like nhentai, and has to come here to absolve himself of his sins to the loli priests.

>loli priests
I want to sin

It's time for confession, user.

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Cutest kuroneko right here

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Reminder that Ginko also pissed herself

Ai looks better with short hair

What do you guys think Char's belly button tastes like?

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