Truly one of the worst characters to ever exist

Truly one of the worst characters to ever exist.

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GF zero (space simp btfo)

just because he has more depth than a puddle and motivations you can't immediately discern doesn't make him a bad character, OP


>walks in
>shoots everyone
>doesn't elaborate
This guy is japanese interpretation of incel shooters, isn't he

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>starts the series as a slaveboy
>does everything he can to escape that life
>gets blamed for a war he didn't start and sent to prison for life

What the fuck.

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t. eggfag

he was best boy

I liked the show but the climax with princess basically prostituting herself with a Polish general to make peace was cucking both best boys.

Slaine almost saved this show but they took a dump on him as expected.

I swear this show was a stealth comedy.

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It didn't decide what it wanted to be until it turned to fujoshit in the last couple of episodes

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He was the only good character in this dumpster fire

It's been 8 years. Which is it?

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Incredibly sexy doujins though

>at the end of season 1, all the main characters get murdered. The main villain receives multiple shots to the chest, the main hero gets HEADSHOTED, the main heroine one shot in the back and then a HEADSHOT too
>everyone was actually able to survive and they're back for season 2 though
Who thought this was acceptable? I have never seen something like this. Who the fuck wrote this? It's so wrong it doesn't feel real.

>Who the fuck wrote this?
Boku no Pico guy unironically

The first statement is somewhat correct, but Slaine understands that the real reason behind war and conflict is just fundamental human nature, as opposed to believing that states have to be behind it.

This will never fail to make me laugh. The gundam-killer, written by the mind behind Any Forums's favorite anime.

is this the anime were the two main characters simp for one girl but in the end neither of them end up with her

Slaine's interpretation is kind of off. He makes it seem wars are waged for the sake of war. Even if war is completely motivated by hatred, it would still fall under Inaho's idea of war: that there is something to be gained which in this case would be the peace of mind of destroying an enemy.