So what got you into Anime? I remember watching this on tv as a kid and loving it

So what got you into Anime? I remember watching this on tv as a kid and loving it

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Dad renting Totoro when I was a kid in the early 90s, and slowly realizing that all of the "American" shows I liked had a bunch of Japanese names in the end credits. Eventually learned more about anime on the early Web, got into tape trading, and by HS had founded an anime club at my school.

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Watched pokemans and Sakura when it was airing like everyone else, didn't touch it for a while and roommate showed me snk and also watamote which was hilariously relatable

My first love was a japanese descendent and she gave me tons of mangá
I never did anything with her tho ;_;

A friend on Starcraft telling me to watch Kenshin

Hey man, you had love and manga, that's a good first relationship.

Digimon Pokemon and Naruto

I miss startcraft.

I grew up poor, manga was much easier to find free/cheap, at least compared to cable cartoons and western comics.
I remember buying Akira on vhs for less than two bucks when I was 13. Good times.

Kiki's Delivery Service

Based. Started off well.

Tom and Jerry

fruits basket when I was like 7

>So what got you into Anime?
Bleach hentai

Technically Kiki's Delivery Service and Pokemon, but I never actually consciously delved into anime until after reading that one Rukia doujin when I was 10

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naruto was probably what pushed me from just watching anime on tv to seeking out stuff online

Godzilla movies, the anime was next to them in the video store


Older cousins were all early weebs, I hung out with them almost every schoolday, I was doomed from the start

>that one Rukia doujin
You mean the one with Gin?