ITT: Badass lines in manga

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whenever i see things like this i realize that if there was a war today, most """men""" would break like fucking twigs

>if there was a war today
There are multiple wars ongoing today

He meant a world war, obviously

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>if there was a war today, most """men""" would break like fucking twigs
True, obviously.
But I don't see what pics like those have to do with it.

Is he okay?

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Sexist and retarded

haha newfag

I cant even lmao at this simpcel. Would you kindly tell me why do you think that line is badass?


He's traumatized.
hundreds of millions of cells that could have become one half of his child just died. And he killed them by his own hands.

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>hehe my superior feelings about how men should treat women make me resistant to bombs and bullets

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