Blue Lock Qatar 2022 Thread

finally Captain Tsubasa is no more, RL soccer gear is now a Blue Lock thing.
The king is dead, long live the king.

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Will Isagi kill Kaiser?

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Will Japan get far this year?

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but Blue lock dissed the shit out of the japanese team

but he's totally right, for all they money they invest on the sport they fucking suck.

They are literally in the hardest group in the entire tournament, big chance they won't even make it out of the group stage. Kumeta's going to seeth again

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point is they got someone who dissed their team to do their PR

i love my stuttering husband hanamori

why do they suck so much at football?, I dont think its because they are small, messi is a manlet but also the best player in the world (while playing with barca), yet the nipponesse are straight trash at every sport, even martial arts.

the main reason to do sport is pussy related to it and since japanese women would rather fuck pretty boys (actors, jpop or just hosts) than for athletes there's no desire to compete at world stage since they won't get more pussy out of it anyway

They should do sport idols.

They made ro16 last world cup and they are always contenders for the Asia Cup. I think that is pretty good for an asian team.
Current international scene of football is dominated by Europe (and Africa, with good prospects being picked up by France).

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need princess bussy

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Female fan in the bottom left is cute and hype
Anyone remember which chapters she was in?

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like every few chapters, she's the sports writer

japan will not even get out of the group stages
why even care

>every sport
I don't think so.

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